Il Giardino Conchetta Verde

Not far from Via San Gottardo, after taking via Pavia and turning in via Troilo afterwards, the ruins of some building bombed during the W.W. 2, later demolished, provided the necessary space to create a small garden with benches, trees and flowers. There I found this lovely decorated tree that reminded me of some older games I used to play when I was a child.


Back in the old days, I used to have a strong feeling for trees. Despite their stillness and their scarcity, they keep watching at you while you pass, during your hectic days of work and, if you get the chance to stop by, you will hear them whispering something to you.

So, last day, for the first time, after several months, a tree, a small one, with small, green leaves, appeared to me in its essence, in its still, murmuring and vegetative life. That was the reason why, I suppose, some people ornated it: to let everyone understand the true existence of this shy, detached kind of creatures.


Later, in via Conchetta, I realized that tree paved the way to further, impressive, discoveries. I found encapsulated into the corner between two buildings a small green area with freshly mowed grass, flowers on the borders and modern graffiti, like ancient medieval frescos, drawn everywhere on the walls. Inside this small, precious garden there were an orchard, a ortho and a couple of trees.

I stopped in front of the gates to read from a card hanging over there the fence the name of the place: il Giardino Conchetta Verde.


A place, run by a cultural association, where children from the primary schools can experience the wild life and learn how to curate it. The cultural association Conchetta Verde offers a wide range of initiatives, all carried out by volunteers and retired workers, such as a gardening school, orchard keeping, reading in public, drawing en-plein-air and so on.


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