September, Morning breeze

September. Today, the sky above Milano was bright. I left my house around 07.30 am and headed straight to via Custodi, where I expected to find a deserted tram depot. It is the oldest tram depot in Milan, built around 1885 by the company then managing the public transportation in Milan: Società Anonima degli Omnibus.

The building covers a surface of ten thousand square meters and hosts up to 330 vehicles. Above its entrance, a neon sign features the ATM logo (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) and a little niche reminds us that Virgin Mary is praying for the tram workers.


Moving forward, I took a picture of a beautiful balcony full of flowers. The bush protected the interior of the house, shielding it form sunlight and pollution. I guessed it also kept the internal temperature low, allowing only some lovely morning breeze to blow in.

A window left ajar, on the right of the balcony, made me wonder if there were people still asleep inside. An overwhelming sense of presence filled me, increased by the stillness of this yellow building, whose walls closed the house in a hug of silence and discretion.


Moving to the end of via Custodi, I turned into via Gentilino, another charming, hidden corner of Milan. It hosts one of the oldest elementary schools in the city where, back in the old times, boys and girls used to take separate entrances to the building. P. Thouar and L. Gonzaga School, in via Gentilino, is still a functioning elementary school, hosting many children and serving the southern part of the city of Milan.


My wandering brought me to Corso San Gottardo, where via Gentilino ends. I used to live here for a year, or two, and the count of things that have changed since then kept me busy, while I approached the end of the Corso, heading south to Via Pavia.


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