Secret Milan – Via San Maurilio

August 4th, Milan. The city is hot and empty. Pedestrians are infrequent and those who could not leave for the shores of Liguria, Emilia Romagna or Toscana yet, are walking down the street like ghosts.

Aside the most crowded streets there are many routes that, apparently, lead to nowhere. On the left side of via Torino, heading north to Duomo, several entrances lead to Cinque vie district. By simply taking one of the following: via del Torchio, via Medici, Via Nerino, Via San Maurilio, and so on, you will position onto one of the most amazing routes inside the city of Milan.

At first, you will find “Cinque vie” a bit messy. This maze of streets, corners and beautiful courtyards remember me of an arab bazar, a place where you can get lost, eager to discover it, by chance.

Suppose you take via San Maurilio and keep going west. Soon you pass in front of a baker’s shop, that is one of the oldest in Milan, a rare pearl that lurked in the same corner for forty years.

Immediately after the baker’s shop, you will find a lovely café completely designed and furnished as a 19th century café. On the walls there are linen panels, wood gravures, oil painting and bottles of wine. The small room is furnished with mahogany tables and chairs. The name of this lovely, cozy place is Equo Caffè, in Via San Maurilio 1.


Once you exit this place, on your right, you will find a barber’s shop, with a very hold signpost outside. There are other things you can get there, apart from a perfect haircut and shave. I refer to the most updated gossip about the neighborhood, discussed in true Milanese dialect. I strongly recommend you to go and book with this barber. I am quite sure that it will turn out to be a marvelous experience!

Via San Maurilio features three well-known and appreciated restaurants in Milan. The first one is San Maurì, on the left. Then, continuing down via San Maurilio, there is Ronchi78, a restaurant which is an icon in Milan for its live music concerts and for its dishes. Then, after few other shopping windows, approaching the end of Via San Maurilio, you will find on your right Trattoria San Maurilio, another good restaurant with traditional Milanese dishes.


Via San Maurilio continues after crossing Via Zecca Vecchia, but it changes its shape and its history. I will tell you what is lurking after these crossroads in another post. Soon…


Featured Image courtesy of: UrbanLife Blog


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