Darsena in the morning

I woke up at 5.30 on a Saturday morning. There was a compact body of silence flowing over the city of Milan. I moved to the window and looked outside: no one was around, no cars, no buses, and no trams. An airplane flying over filled the air with its buzz, its echo reverberating for minutes afterwards. Somebody was cycling, and the squeak of his bike was audible at great distance …

I wonder if I ever had the opportunity to experience a moment so magical, surreal, intense before. A sensational pleasure invaded me, a deep feeling of relaxation and smoothness. I walked out of my apartment to take a look of the neighborhood asleep. The Darsena liquid surface was reflecting the blue sky over Milan.

It was almost a private show going on for myself only. The occasional passer-by did not pay much attention. The birds in the trees were silent. Everything was silent. A small group of pigeons crossed the street in line, just in front of my feet. They entered a small grass lane where someone had spilled some crumbs on the ground.

Once I crossed the bridge, I felt myself at odds with the place. What is the point in taking a tour of the docks, at 5.30 in the morning? Dawn is pouring the light of sun over the buildings around, over the tree tops, over the streets and parked cars. A yellow coat covering everything. Everything, for a couple of minutes, is mustard and green.


Darsena used to be the harbour of Milan until the 70’s, now it is the centre of Milanese night-life. For those who want to make a good “aperitivo”, have a drink and stay outdoors Darsena is the right place to be. Anyway, few know why this water magnet is so attractive, so charming, yet so mysterious. An harbor for many sailors, in the stormy waters of life.

Walking on the docks at 5.30 is breath-taking. The outer world takes form in front of your eyes and the sun-light, literally, covers everything around you. This light is the most important, brightest product of the whole day. It is pure beauty, naturally free and abundant. It reflects onto the Darsena water and turns into a prism of swirling colors and powerful vibrations. Green, red, blue, yellow and grey. It wraps you into a mysterious stream of sound, music and heat. My senses reawake. My confidence in life returns.


Note: for those walking on the docks at five or six in the morning, please notice that the ground is covered with litter from the previous night. Unfortunately, the number of trash bins is insufficient to accommodate all the waste disposed of by people and I believe that the Council should seriously take into consideration the hypothesis of adding some extra ones. In any case, there is much left to everyone’s care and attention. Please, share this feeling with others if you believe that Darsena is a truly magic place which deserves protection and respect. Bing a public place for our and everyone else’s enjoyment Darsena  deserves a better maintenance and cleaning.


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