Naturally shy, Okapis (Okapia johnstoni) are good observers. They live in the tropical forests of Kongo and feed on tree leaves and grass. While chewing, they reflect: is there something truly beautiful in Milan?* What about other places? Where I would like to go, if I wanted to change my life?

Okapi is a threatened species. Logging and Human settlement cause to their habitat a permanet harm. This blog wants to draw your attention on qualities such as sincerity, mindfullness, gracefulness. All adjectives that describe okapis well.

We believe that these qualities can be of great help in our present lives, making us enjoy the place we live in, find out new places to go and new ways of making our dreams come true.

(Unfortunately, Okapi do not live in Milan. To find out more about them, please click here.)

Image courtesy of: The Zoological Society of London. 



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